How Much Does A Modular Kitchen Cost

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Some modular kitchen companies claim that they can build a modular kitchen within INR 50,000. Such is not the case when you want to build a good quality  modular kitchen. The budget for a Modular Kitchen may range from INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs. Though, it is not a good idea to put a cap on the higher-end as revamping can cost you as much as you would like it to. Let’s see the cost division of renovating to a Modular Kitchen.

Following is the break down of factors that directly affect the pricing of a modular kitchen:

  • 1. Cabinet 
  • 2. Shutter Finish
  • 3. Hardware & Kitchen Accessories
  • 4. Counter-top
  • 5. Appliances
  • 6. Civil
  • 7. Plumbing
  • 8. Electricals
  • 9. Flooring


Kitchen Shape and Size

The size along with the shape of a modular kitchen impacts its pricing as every other decision is dependent on them. Be it a Parallel, Galley, U-shaped, or L-shaped kitchen, you need to know that larger space will require additional cost. Also, acknowledge that an island kitchen is the most expensive of all types of the modular kitchen. Additional features such as breakfast counter, tall pantry (for deep storage), may incur more cost thus increasing the overall budget. But if you are looking for a more pleasant and aesthetic ambience in your kitchen without any additional cost, then go for open shelves. This will restrict some of the expense.

Cabinet & Shutter Materials

This covers a large part of your budget. As cabinets are exposed to a high amount of heat and moisture, you need to install the best materials for your exterior as well as interior cabinets. It is advised to go for water resistance or water proof ply board that offer high endurance against heat and water. PU and acrylic finishes are preferred over others as they give more rich look to your kitchen. But if you are looking for a cost-effective option, go for laminated shutters.

Hardware & Kitchen Accessories

Hardware & kitchen accessories are the 2ndbiggest  component in any modular kitchen costing. You can divide these items in 2 categories, essential & lifestyle. Essential items like hinges, drawers, bottle pull out, cutlery tray, waste bin holder & detergent holder comes under essential items. Lift ups, corner Solution, tall pantry, rolling Shutter, wicker baskets, LED’s  are lifestyle items & can be accommodated as per clients budget.

Kitchen Appliances

Without compromising on the quality you may go for a countertop model. This will cost comparatively less than any other models. However, if you want to add some more charm to your kitchen, you may opt for built-in grills, microwaves, and other such cooking ranges. Make sure that you go for long-lasting appliances.

Counter Top

Multiple options like Granite, Quartz, Corian are avilable in market. Granite is the most economical option available in the market. These days customers buying modular kitchens of INR 2.50 Lakh & upwards prefer to go with Quartz. Quartz is avilable in 100+ colours & texture.

Kitchen Flooring

If you are looking for a low-cost option, ceramic, spectrum or vitrified tiles are the best options. They are easy to clean, durable and are available in multiple colours & patterns. While deciding on the kitchen flooring, do not entertain marble floors as they stain easily and erode with acidic or citrus juices.

            There is no end to expense one can make but it is wise to make informed decision and minimize costing without compromising on quality.  




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