Country Style Modular Kitchen For Your New Home

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An elegant appeal, ample space for cooking eating and entertaining, the country style modular kitchen provides everything you need. Therefore, country-style kitchens are a perfect combination of efficient functionality and classy decoration for your new home. 

Let’s explore the feature so such kitchens which will help you in knowing why you must consider it. Features outlined below will provide a big picture of the usability and effectiveness of the model. And these features clearly explain why you must consider the country style kitchen?

  • 1. Open shelving and glass-door cabinetry

The most impressive thing about the model is that it makes the kitchen feel much roomy and accessible. Open shelving allows you to keep your favourite plates, pots and pans on display. And you can use the cabinet as a “trophy case” where you can put your vintage crockery collection.

  • 2. Standing Cabinets

Early kitchens had minimal space; therefore, built-cabinets were not much popular. Homeowners came up with an idea of adding free-standing cabinets or hutches to provide more storage. Thus, such an open working space allows you to keep relevant items quite close-at-hand in the kitchen.

  • 3. Spacious seating

The big table is a fundamental part when gatherings and other occasions are considered. Ample space and farm table of the kitchen makes it a perfect suit for people who love to celebrate. Adding a few stools or shaker-style chairs can dramatically improve the impression of the kitchen.

  • 4. Exquisite lighting

Metallic lighting fixtures, manufactured with copper, wrought iron, glass or galvanized metal makes the entire environment energetic and vibrant. Slight improvements like adding Edison bulbs provide the great vintage look and make a world of difference in decoration.

Most designers prefer to mount these fixtures on the ceiling, while others like to hang them simply. Both look exotic, but a combination of both creates a beautiful effect. For instance, drop-down lighting provides perfect lighting for eating and prepping, whereas mounted fixtures assist you in finding space to reach the pots and pons which you have on your shelving units.

  • 5. Magnificient colour combination

Such kitchens are famous for their soft & muted colour schemes. Such a combination has two significant effects. First, soft colours provide a sense of homey feeling; therefore, it creates a welcoming scenario. Second, high-contrast colours, including bright blues and oranges, make the kitchen even more attractive.





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