How To Protect The High Gloss Surface of Your Furniture

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Today,  high gloss furniture has become one of the most popular and essential decoration elements in homes. They come with a wide spectrum of variety, therefore, brightens up any room. To maintain their energetic impression, such furniture needs to be handled with utmost care. Majority of the people forget the caring part which can dramatically reduce the longevity of the furniture.

Let’s explore the ways which can assist you in maintaining the shinning of your high gloss surface furniture.

1. Optimized use of chemicals

Majority of companies are selling sprays with destructive acidic nature, therefore, can be detrimental to the longevity of the furniture. Glass cleaners come with the corrosive property, and silicone-based cleaners will leave a greasy layer on the apparatus which will leave a permanent stain on them. Therefore, always check the chemical composition of the products.

2. Right cleaning kit

 Inappropriate set of equipment can deform the furniture. Always consider friendly material for cleaning purposes. Some experts suggest that feather duster, a pack of soft microfibre cloths, a spray bottle with clean water and a "glass & polishing" e-cloth.  Such arrangments can substantially contribute to make the furniture shine, and advanced technology used in the manufacturing of the products ensures longevity. 

3. Handle food or drink spills gently

Oftentimes food and drinks get spill over the furniture and people instantly attempt to wipe it out. In such cases, don’t rush, get your kit and clean it gently. Normally use a soft and dry microfiber cloth. It works wonders in almost cases and assists in cleaning stains. 

4. Revisit after finishing 

Once you are done with cleaning, recheck it. Sometimes a bit of residual water is left on the high gloss surfaces. In such conditions, buff the area with soft microfibre cloth until it gets dry. It will provide an appealing shine to your furniture and will also make it last longer without losing its natural shine.

In a Nutshell

  • i)  For usual cleaning use feather duster or any piece of soft microfiber cloth.
  • ii) Remove fingerprints or marks with an e-cloth.
  • iii) For deep cleaning spray water and scrub the e-cloth on it. Then, use a soft and dry cloth for buff dry.
  • iv) Remove spills with immediate action. Water and e-cloth come handy in case of sticky spills.
  • vi) Make sure you did not leave the water to air dry. Otherwise, you will face a hard time in removing those ugly stains.
  • vii) Never ever use cleaners with toxic chemicals.





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