Best sliding wardrobe for your bedroom?

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Sliding Wardrobes are incredibly flexible and make the bedroom look more spacious and comfortable. Such wardrobes come with a range of designs and shape, therefore, can be fitted in different kind of bedrooms. These wardrobes have the potential to covert ordinary-looking bedrooms into a fabulous one.

Let’s know what you must check when you are thinking of revamping your old bedroom or want to install a new wardrobe for a brand new.

1. Measure the space

First and foremost step is to have an accurate measurement of the space where you need to install the wardrobe. And, also make sure that your measurement is dimensionally correct and lays a foundation of the installing process. This step will assist you in determining whether standard sized doors can meet your requirements or you need slight modifications.

2. Select appropriate shutter

It becomes even more crucial when you are looking for tailor-made shutters. The market is flooded with a range of shutter types. These shutters are avilable in different finishes  and style, like lmainate, acrylic, PU, veneer, Glass. Make sure that you select the right shutter, which matches your room design and colour scheme. Do check if your wardobe supplier uses door straightners. These are must in case of wooden shutters.

3. Storage capacity

Now you have a perfect plan. Select required no of shelfs, drawers & hanging. If you need long hanging inform the wardrobe manufacturer in the begining. On the  basis of your input wardrobe design will be made. Remember to ask for few adjustable shelfs which can be adjusted without the need of any carpenter.

3. Sliding system

Smooth and robust siliding system is a must. Do not compromise on sliding mechanism. Select any good brand like Hettich, Hafele as per your budget. 




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