Vishesh and Dolly’s Home Interior Experience

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With multiple suggestions available online, Vishesh and Dolly were in dilemma while choosing a partner in their home decor journey. They wanted their new home to be built their way and most of the service providers offered pre-set designs and weren’t flexible enough to meet their design ideas. 

While surfing online, Vishesh came across one advertisement from Myfurnituremyway.com and it’s the name that stuck in his head. He went on to see the details and found contact information of the sales executive.

Their requirement was unique and gave us the opportunity to build something interesting. It was fascinating to learn that they wanted a modular kitchen with traditional touch. They wanted an island modular kitchen with seating. In addition to it, they were looking for custom-made cabinets and a small area for toddlers to play. For wardrobes, they were extremely particular about special wardrobes with mirrors attached in some of them that will be in contrast to other wardrobes. 

They informed us that Dolly is a passionate dancer and would like to have a TV cabinet for their Ultra HD Smart LED TV and Dolby speakers for greater visual and sound experience in the hall. We were strictly advised not to engage much of the space while ensuring a perfect spot for a modern U-shaped sofa set with an armchair. It was quite challenging at first, but after analyzing the space design, experts quickly designed the best way to incorporate all the requirements.

The most thought-provoking demand of Vishesh was his study table. He was adamant of having the study table in the bedroom while Dolly was against the idea. Dolly didn’t want to be disturbed with all of Vishesh’s late night work, and Vishesh wanted to be close to the work all the time. In this scenario, there were two problems, lights and space. We suggested they have a modern L-shaped Computer Desk in one corner with a lamp fixed on it. The light in a corner will have no adverse effect on anyone in the room and the table design will take less space. They liked the idea and we went ahead with the entire plan.

Vishesh and Dolly thoroughly looked at our plan and gave us a green signal to go ahead with it. The end result was mesmerizing. Even our team members admitted this project to be one of our best transformation efforts. Cherry on top was the solid wood cube coffee table set of 5 in the hall that took minimal space and added charm to the entire setting of the U-shaped sofa set with an armchair. 

Myfurnituremyway is determined to provide our users with personalized touch in their home decor experience. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and togetherness in your beautiful home.


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